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+What is QwikAd Affiliate Program?

QwikAd Affiliate Program is a fast and easy way, for publishers of all sizes, to earn money. The program is free to join, and we pay you for sales of paid ads (local, all cities or banner) posted on our classifieds through the affiliate ads displayed on your website, blog, social media pages, etc. We offer a variety of banner ads to choose from (as well as text and link ads) that will look great on any website.

+How much will my commission be per sale?

You will earn $2 for every paid ad (local, all cities or banner) posted on our classifieds through your affiliate ads.

+What is your minimum payout balance?

The payment goes out once you have reached $20.

+How soon will I be paid after I reach the required minimum payout?

You will be paid within 2-3 business days after reaching the required minimum payout (you will be notified via email as soon as your payment goes out).

+How long do the referral cookies stay valid?

The referral cookies stay valid for 6 months.

+Do I have to have a PayPal account to join your program?

Yes. Currently, all payments are made only via PayPal and in US $ currency.

+Who can participate in your affiliate program?

Anyone, from any country as long as you are 18+ and have a valid PayPal account.

+What is my affiliate program referral link?

Your affiliate program referral link is the URL located in your account under "Your Referral Link". It is also the first URL in your affiliate codes.

+Can I use my affiliate referral link to create my own banner or text ads?

Yes, you can easily create your own banner or text ads using your affiliate referral link. Simply insert your affiliate referral link into the HTML code of your banner or text ad.

+Will I be able to generate commissions if I post my QwikAd Affiliate Program ads on QwikAd.com?

The answer is no. QwikAd Affiliate Program ads posted on our classifieds are not going to register clicks or generate commissions. In order to generate commissions, your QwikAd Affiliate Program ads have to be posted on web pages other than our classifieds.

+What Traffic Sources Are Prohibited?

Generally speaking, we do not restrict our affiliates what websites their affiliate ads can be placed on or types of advertising they can use to promote their affiliate ads. However, there are a few exceptions that you, as an affiliate, must comply with.

QwikAd Affiliate Program text or banner ads should not be placed on:

• Websites displaying pornography

• Websites promoting sales of illegal drugs

• Websites promoting criminal or illegal activity

• Purchased email lists (your own opt-in email lists are allowed)

Affiliates found using prohibited traffic sources will be banned from participating in our affiliate program.

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