Help & FAQ

Do I Need An Account To Post Ads?
An account is not required to post ads, however, if you plan to post frequently we encourage you to create an account with us (a user account makes creating, editing or deleting posts much easier).
How Many Free Ads Can I Post In Your Classifieds?
Currently, you are limited to 20 free ad postings per every 24-hour period (after reaching the limit, simply wait for 24 hours and you will be able to post another 20 free ad postings).
How Many All Cities Ads Can I Post In Your Classifieds?
There's no set limit how many all cities or all cities featured ads can be posted in our classifieds.
Will My Ad Go Live Immediately?
Your ad will go live as soon as you activate it via the activation link that will be sent to your email address. If you are posting as a logged in user, your ad will go live immediately.
How Long Will My Ad Stay On Your Website?
All ads currently run for 60 days.
How Do I Post A Free Ad?
To post a free ad, first select a desired state / city (or town). Next, click on the Post Free Ads button and select a category. Fill out all required fields and click on the Continue button. If you are posting as a guest, you will be asked to activate your post by logging into the email account of the email address you provided with your post. Log into your email account and click on the activation link in the email that was sent to you.
Note: Your free ad can be made featured and/or urgent. Featured ads stay on top of the listings and have the FEATURED sign next to them. Featured ads come up first in searches. Featured and urgent ads receive significantly more visits.
How Do I Post An All Cities Ad?
To post an all cities ad, click on the Post In All Cities button. Select a category. Fill out all required fields. Next, select ONE of the two options at the bottom of the page (regular / featured ads). Click on the Continue button. Next, click on the Make a Payment button and follow the necessary steps to complete your transaction. And lastly, if you are posting as a guest, log into your email account to activate your post.
Note: The default location for all cities posts is All Cities. If you're promoting a local ad to all cities, the default location in your qwikad account is going to remain the same (the ad's original city) even though the ad will be actually posted in all cities. Editing the default all cities ad will automatically edit that ad in all cities.
How To Edit An Ad
If you posted your ad as a guest, log into your email account and find the activation email associated with that ad. Click on the edit link in that email. Logged-in users can easily edit their ads through the My Account page.
How To Post An Effective Ad
It's as simple as 1, 2, 3... 1. Make sure your ad has a catchy title. 2. Make sure it has a description (100+ characters) in its body and not just links and/or banner ads alone. Keep in mind that ads with relevant keywords in their descriptions are more likely to come up in search results. 3. It's highly recommended that you upload at least one image with your ad. The image will be used as a thumbnail preview in the listings. Ads with thumbnail previews tend to get more visits.
What Currency Will I Be Charged In?
All charges are made in US dollars (USD $).
E-Check Payments
If you posted a paid ad using an e-Check, your paid promotion (whether all cities or featured) will take effect as soon as your e-Check is cleared. Usually, it takes up to 4 days for e-Checks to get cleared. This is an automated process, no further actions are required on your part.
Declined Payments
If you authorize a payment using your credit card, debit card or PayPal account, but your charge is rejected, your paid advertisement will not take effect until a new ad with a new / valid form of payment is posted.
What HTML Is Supported?
How Do I Edit / Renew / Delete An Ad?
If you posted your ad as a guest, log into the email account associated with that ad and click on the link under the EDIT / RENEW / DELETE in the email that you used to activate that ad. For logged in users, click on the edit or renew links in your account of the ad you wish to edit or renew or click on the delete this ad link if you wish to remove your ad from the listing. Note: you will be able to renew your ads on / after the expiration date.
I Posted A Paid Ad But Entered A Wrong Email Address!
If you accidentally entered a wrong email address or if you misspelled your email address while posting a paid ad (an all cities ad or a featured ad), contact us at providing the following information:

1. The ad's title
2. The wrong / misspelled email address that was entered
3. An email address you would like to enter with your ad

An email with the activation link will be sent to the new email address you provide within 24 hours (usually within a couple hours). Also, having a free qwikad user account will ensure that all your paid ads will always appear in our classifieds.
My Ad Didn't Post - Why?
First, make sure you have activated your ad via the email that was sent to you (click on the activation link in the email to verify your posting). If you didn't receive the email, check your spam box, as some email providers automatically mark emails containing links as spam. Second, double check if the email address you used to post your ad was spelled correctly. Third, if after posting your ad (as a guest or as a logged in user) your ad still didn't appear in our classifieds, chances are it didn't comply with our Terms of Use since some advertising content has been blocked from appearing in our classifieds.
Why Was My Post Deleted?
First, make sure your post was posted or it didn't expire. Second, your post could be flagged for removal by our users and was automatically removed from our website. Third, your post could be deleted by us. See Terms of Use to find out possible reasons why your post was deleted.
Can I Trust This Great Deal?
We recommend you to deal locally only. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Try to meet with buyers/sellers personally to avoid scams and fraud.
I Am Being Threatened / Harassed!
We are taking the safety of our users seriously and any misconduct of one user against another user will be investigated and the offender's email address, IP address will be blocked and all ads associated with that user will be deleted. If you believe someone is threatening your safety, as our website user, please contact us immediately at: . In your email provide the offender's ad's ID, email address, any email correspondence between you and the offender, or any other information to support your claim.
User Conduct
Please, refer to our Terms of Use regarding user conduct and acceptable ad content.