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Rotate Your Sites...AND Earn Up To 50% Commissions!

Posted: 24 days ago   Bumped: 4 days ago   Visits: 1,342  

This rotator is different than any of other rotator out there.


Here's the difference between ordinary rotators and this one:


1.) Ordinary Rotator:

One of your links is displayed.


2.) RotateMySites Rotator:


One of your links is displayed in the "active" frame.

The rest of your links display randomly in a curtain menu (banners).

If a surfer's mouse leaves the "active" frame, the curtain menu opens automatically.

If a surfer clicks any banner on the menu, it's site url opens automatically in the "active" frame.

Our "new tab" extension lets surfers open sites in new tabs, without closing the "active" frame.


3.) Ultimate RMS Rotator Advantage:


Essentially, you're recycling your traffic to gain additional exposure for your other promo links!


- It's FREE...

- Recycle your traffic...

- Never waste a single prospect...

- Multiply your hits by 5, 10, 20 or more!


I can't really describe it..


Click the link to checkout my personal RMS Rotator!




Upgrade for a one time fee of $19.95 and add as many websites as you want and earn a

50% commission from everyone that join. Free members can add up to 3 websites and earn a

$4 commission.

Details / Contact:
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  • Theodore
    Posting since August 20, 2017
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    Contact Name: Theodore Smith
    Posted: 24 days ago   Bumped: 4 days ago  
    Visits: 1,342
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