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Self Help - Everything I needed To Know I Learned in Hell - $4.49

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This book is about ideas that have helped myself and others escape our private hells and achieve unlimited Success. We all have our own self-doubts and small hells that we have to escape from in order to succeed. Over the years, I’ve seen different people succeed and fail, and I've made notes about the causes and traits that seem to create those two outcomes. I've laughed and cried with many in an effort to discover how to escape personal demons and model the success of others. Other people's success can be inspiring, as we try to figure out, “Why not me?”

This is my personal view of how the mountains of shit can be used to fertilize your orchard of success.

Every Thing I Needed To Know I Learned in Hell - Dan Balestero

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    Posted: 18 days ago   Bumped: 3 days ago  
    Visits: 14,971
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