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$50-$250K | Business Credit & Funding | Free Business Credit Book - $85257

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Are you currently using your personal credit cards and lines of credit to finance your business expenses?


STOP there is a BETTER way ‌. Stop using your personal credit now before it becomes more difficult to accomplish your financial goals.


Our program will allow you to transfer your personal credit card debt to your business.

Has your business been turned down for credit? We can show you how to change that

and get the financing you need to acquire, grow, purchase inventory,

finance your customers and become more profitable.


Here are the immediate tangible benefits of using our program:


1. Build your Business's Credit Profile -- We guaranty a minimum of $50K in Business Credit

2. Obtain Credit cards in the name of your business and pay off the personal cc debt

3. The interest rate will be much lower for the business

4. Your Personal FICO will take a big jump just by paying off your cards

5. Now that your FICO has improved you can apply to for increase your personal cc limits

6. When that is done, go for larger business cc limits (hint, they will look at your personal credit card limits to decide)

7. Business now owes the debt and you can write off the interest (more difficult to do that when in personal name)

8. Stronger FICO and no personal credit card debt means you can use your improved personal financial position to buy that new house, invest in the real estate market, send the kid to college or just have the peace of mind knowing that you are now in much better personal financial condition!


$50,000 minimum Guaranteed Established Business can get up to $5,000,000.


If you build business credit, no matter how poor your personal credit is, you can see unsecured business credit cards and loans for up to $50,000

or more.  You can see business lines of credit (unsecured loans or cash) of up to $250,000.  You can get money and use business credit to:


✓ Buy real estate

✓ Lease cars

✓ Buy Inventory

✓ Marketing

✓ Buy out a partner

✓ Start a business

✓ Expand a business

✓ Invest in an investment like stocks

✓ The money can be spent on whatever you desire


Start now This is a GAME Changer!


See how we do it here. http://www.webinarthebusinesscreditbuilders.com

Details / Contact:
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  • Email: See the ad for contact information
    Specific Location: Scottsdale
    Fees: $85257
    Phone: 4802283336
    Company Name: The Business Credit Builders LLC
    Posted: 37 days ago    Bumped: 2 days ago   
    Visits: 5,046
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