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As of January 2017 with the new release of Chrome, Google

began implementing a major change that every website

owner should be aware of. Now visitors will see the words

“Not secure” in front of the URL when they are on a website

that has a login area or any field asking for sensitive

information.Chrome may be the first internet browser to make this

change, but soon most browsers will show strong warning

signs to your visitors if your website is not secure .

It will clearly state that your website is not secure. With all

the internet theft and hacking that occurs, your customer

will probably leave your site as soon as they see the warning.

They may even lose all confidence in your brand, products

and services, and this could significantly damage your


But Wait! There’s More …

In an effort to encourage the move toward a totally secure

internet, Google is using SSL as a ranking signal.

that SSL secured websites will have a SEO advantage over

website who don’t have SLL.

What is SSL :

SSL (short for Secure Socket Layer) builds a secure socket

around your website.

It does that by encrypting plain text (such as passwords and

credit card information) into data that cannot be read by

anyone other than the intended recipient.

Websites can enable SSL by acquiring an SSL certificate. Web

browsers will create a special, secure connection when they

detect the SSL certificate. Are you Protected??

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