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Posted: 9 days ago

Is Your Money Insured Soundly?

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Do you have a sound way of protecting your finances from potentially being stolen by the Federal Reserves and Central Banks? 

Talks are being had in regards to a possible bank  bail-in . What does that mean and how it can potentially affect you? To sum it up, our economy is in a global depression and the value of fiat currency is rapidly declining. The risk of hold our money in the banks is extremely high. Whenever the banks are legally allowed to lend out 100% of its reserves. This causes them to be able to keep loaning out money and then print more money out of thin air to creat more interest payment loans ( Quantitive Easing ) which then leads to eventally a total economic collapse and millions of people robbed of their hard earned money.  ( Click here  to read an article about the risk of holding your money in the bank.)

Then United States alone is nearly $27 Trillion in debt and counting according to . Throughout history gold and silver has always been real money and in times of an uncertainty and economic depression andcollapse, such as the one we all witnessed in 2008-2009, those who saved and owned gold and 
silver were not negatively impacted. Why? Because anytime the value of the US dollar declines (which by the way, drives the rest of the currency's around the world), the value of gold and silver increase tremendously and rushes in like a flood to save the day. 

What us Your economic strategy to build around you and your family?

We have discovered a way for normal working class individuals, families and businesses to acquire physical assets such as gold and silver on a montly basis at dealer direct pricing, to have shipped directly to your front door within days (through Fedex) or stored in our American vault and insured by the  Llyods of London  Insurance Company. This company is also registered with the Better Business Bureau with an A+  rating and one of the Co-Owners of this amazing company is one out 13 people in the entire world who has access to gold and silver through the mint. And they are allow us to get it at the same prices they purchase  it for.  Here's how 

Even through a plandemic when the entire world was forced to stay home and millions of jobs were loss, opportunities to be able to make money from home has become in high demand and my lives all over the world are been saved and changed from being one step from being homeless. These opportunities are not only saving and changing lives, but are also putting people in position to be 100% financially successful through the acquisition of sound money such as silver, gold and Bitcoin.
By acquiring these real money assets we not only secure our finacial freedom but were preserving our wealth and purchasing power from hyperinflation and bad economic decisions made by the government and fraudulent bankers. 

My name is Shaymarie Harris, also known as the "Multiple Streams of Income Queen" and I would like to invite you to be my special guest to a webinar to hear about an awesome opportunity for you too to be able to secure your finances and preserve your wealth by being able to acquire Real Physical gold and silver at dealer direct prices. Come here about our sound money solution to also be able to instantly liquidate your numismatic coins in real time through our Sound Money Wallet.

Connect With Me As Soon As Possible to get access to our daily webinar meetings to see what we are doing and how we can help provide you with a sense of security for the future of your financial freedom!
Email me today at
or send me a Friend request on  Facebook  and message me direct.
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      Is Your Money Insured Soundly
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    Posted: 36 days ago   Promoted: 1 day ago  
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