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Chinese Knot Make Patches At Home - $1

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Chinese knot, is a decorative handicraft, is a Chinese folk art form. It has a long history. Chinese knots are made of thread or rope. Each basic knot is named according to its shape and meaning. Put different knots act the role of to be united in wedlock together mutually, or have the decorations collocation combination of auspicious design with other, formed Chinese knot. Usually used to express a blessing or prayer. Chinese knot and modern life combined, developed into several products, mainly divided into two major series: hanging and clothing. The most important material of Chinese knots is the thread. The material aspects of the linen, silk, cotton, linen, nylon, blended and so on. The color of the line, generally monochrome, common red, gold, green, blue, black and so on, to China red is the most common.
Chinese Knot Make Patches At Home  is red with golden border and have 100% Embroidery, with plastic backing. Chinese knot as the most outstanding representative of the Chinese red, renowned throughout the world. In Chinese traditional festivals, especially the Spring Festival, Chinese knot can be seen everywhere. We can say that to see a Chinese knot means to see China, because to some extent the Chinese knot represents the whole of China. Welcome to  GS-JJ.COM .
Embroidery Style: 100% Embroidery
    Patch Size: Diameter is 3.8 inches
    Embroidered Border: Heat Cut Border
    Embroidered Backing: Plastic Backing
Please contact us by email or tel. Telephone: 1-888-864-4755 Email:
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      Chinese Knot Make Patches At Home
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    Specific Location: walnut
    Price: $1
    Condition: Good
    Quantity: 1
    Phone: 188886****
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    Contact Name: GS-JJ
    Map For: 20829 Valley Blvd Walnut CA 91789 walnut 91789
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