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Posted: 7 days ago

Electric blackhead vaccum - $24

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How does this device work?
It utilizes vacuum suction to remove the outer layer of aging skin and the dirt in pores, resulting in smooth and blemish-free skin right away. This technique provides no irritation and is a non-invasion skin care solution. The included four suction heads each provide a different purpose,polishing, firming, cleaning, and blackhead removal.

What is included with this purchase?
  • Pur Pore Blackhead Remover x1
  • Big size circular form probe x2, small size circular probe x1, oval probe x1
  • Silicone Gel Ring x2
  • Filter Sponge x5
  • User Manual x1
  • Carrying Case x1
  • Dust Cover x1
What is the difference between the different types of probes?
LARGE, THICK, ROUND: Strongest suction. Best for oily skin, blackheads, areas you want to tighten. Avoid areas like eyes.
LARGE, THIN, ROUND: Second strongest suction. Best for sensitive skin, oily skin, blackheads, areas you want to tighten. Avoid eyes.
SMALL ROUND: Cleaning pores. Less strong suction, ideal for prolonged use like clearing blackheads and acne. Run this probe repeatedly over breakout or hold directly over a pimple to extract dirt from the pore. Use anywhere on face, take care at sensitive areas.
OVAL: Provides lifting/firming effect when massaged onto delicate areas. Stimulates microcirculation and prevent deep wrinkles. Gentle enough for whole face and neck.

What are some extra tips for use?
  • Apply the device to the back of your hand before your first use to become familiar with the technology and sensation.
  • The firming function may pull up/lift skin from the face. It is not recommended for use on wounds or scars.
  • The polishing function should not be overused. Use 1x/week for dry skin or 2x/week for oily or combination skin. Never use for more than 5 minutes or less at a time.
  • Do not press the device into the skin, the suction is strong, and any increased pressure may cause skin damage.
  • Do not use suction on one spot for a prolonged period of time, this may cause skin damage. Discontinue use if skin because irritated or bruised.
  • Always moisturize after a treatment, and ensure sun protection. Skin may be extra sensitive after treatment.
  • Do not combine use of this device with manual exfoliation or scrubs
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      Electric blackhead vaccum
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      Electric blackhead vaccum
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      Electric blackhead vaccum
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    Price: $24
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